Broad coverage

Timeliness for
certificates of insurance

Reduce downtime
through fast claims
Provide safety
and compliance services

TradeBuilt was built in 2020 to provide insurance for specialty contractors where equipment and safety is essential to exist. Our niche collection of businesses includes a healthy mix of easy and medium hazard classes working at ground level, or just above or just below ground level. Our program is attacking the specific opportunities in the small commercial insurance segment where there are real growth opportunities because of the significant challenges that large, traditionally organized insurance companies will have engaging this marketplace. These business owners want quick access to understandable insurance solutions that require little transactional friction and time.

What Insureds are Saying about TradeBuilt

“We regularly utilize over 100 subcontractors, from concrete to framers. Our biggest struggle, by far is finding and maintaining relationships with sub-contractors who can meet our basic compliance requirements. Additionally, it is broadly known that our industry has a labor epidemic. There is a demand for anyone who can help these subs train employees and teach them basic skills, including safety and compliance.”

— Matt Moritz, an owner of Eddy Homes

“Proof of safety compliance has become a major barrier to entry for many small contractors. On most jobs we have a thick packet of information that must be delivered with our bid and further documents before we are allowed on the site. Many small contractors just simply do not know how to do this and are missing out on good business. Until now, they really didn’t know where to go for help.”

— Bill Juergens, owner of Momentum Builders